wtorek, 18 maja 2010

Dziś słodzę / BBQ party @ MMSC!


Z okazji moich imienin oraz BBQ party @ MMSC zapraszam na okolicznościowe co nieco ;)
Moja wersja NY cheesecake'a - z malinami
i w klimatycznym towarzystwie czekoladowo-ajerkonakowych truskawek.

I'd like to join the celebration of first annual Blogaversary Celebration at Midnight Madness Sketch Challenges.
This is my version of lovely cheesecake from Dorotus76.
-say.. I run out of strawberries ;P -
It is as simple as "mix it well together" Nigella's style of cooking ;)
So, as a base:
 170 g digestive biscuits 
 70g melted butter
Mix well crushed cookies with melted butter to make a base that looks like wet sand.
Fill in the baking pan. Cool it for ca. 15 minutes.

Than, mix everything together and pour into prepared baking pan:
500 g quark cheese

2 eggs
3 spoons* of lemon juice
2/3 cup of sugar
2 spoons* of potato flour
1 spoons* of wheat lour
1 vanila sugar
                                                    *I used a table spoon.
Bake in 180ºC for at least 60 minut. I baked for 1,5 hour – as the BBQ stick came out almost dry. Cool and the refrigarate for ca. 12h =overnight ;)


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  1. OMG..that looks soooooooo good...I feel the pounds coming on just looking at this. YUMMY!!! Thanks for playing at our BBQ at the Midnight Madness blog this week and of couse for sharing..I will have to try this one for sure.

  2. what a yummy treat! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful recipe at our BBQ at Midnight Madness this week!


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